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About Gecko Media!

Gecko Media was formed in 2002.  We started out as a sole proprietorship selling wristbands for events from our garage.   We slowly expanded our range to include other accreditation products.  In 2006 we started selling USB flash drive and have specialised in electronic items ever since.   Today we are a market leader in funky electronic gift items such as Power Banks.

Our motto is Great Service at a fair price in the best possible time!

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Our Products!

Magnetic car mount


This product is truly amazing, it allows you to use your cell phone for navigation with the least possible distraction.  Your phone simply attaches and detaches from the magnet.  Initial installation is a breeze.   Please view the video for more information or visit the web site for more information.


Power Banks

Power banks are fast becoming one of the most popular promotional items in the world. Technology is what defines our lives today making our Smart phones and tablets indispensable. Unfortunately smart device battery technology has not kept up with the rapid pace of these power hungry devices. Power banks provide an extra power boost on the go for these devices.

Fridge magnets

Are you looking for customised branded flexible fridge magnets? We can cut out any shape and make any sizes for you. Suitable for sticking onto door frames, refrigerators, PC’s, whiteboards or any metal surface. Our fridge magnets are extremely well priced and of the highest quality. Get more mileage from your promo item marketing spend.

Branded Charging Cables

People use a charging cable every single day to charge their electronic device, be it a smart phone, tablet or any other gadget. Why not turn the actual cable into a promotional item? We have redesigned that boring cable to be stylish fun and desirable. Add your branding to this high retention desirable item.

Digital printing service

Digital Printing

We offer all types of branding including: Laser engraving, domed stickers, banners, direct to object full colour UV printing, heat transfer, screen printing and name badges.

Memory Sticks

We use only A grade NAND flash from Samsung, Micron, Toshiba, Intel or Hynix. Products manufactured in ISO 9001 factory, CE & FCC certified & with RoHS.

Temporary Tattoos

Fully Customisable. Lasts up to 5 days. Safe and Approved inks. All temporary tattoos are printed using as many colours as you require.

Eco Chargers

Eco Charger

Owning an ECO CHARGER means that, you no longer have to throw your old Alkaline AA and AAA batteries away. To top it all, it also charges Ni-MH rechargeable batteries, so you get the best of both worlds.

Customised Flash Drives

There are two ways to produce customised flash drives. The first way is to use existing moulds and printing logos onto these. The second way is to manufacture a fully customised flash drive from scratch.

Phone Lense

People use their mobile phones every single day all day.   One of the most useful features on a phone is the camera. Now you can these phone camera’s by adding lenses that give stunning effects.

Bluetooth Speakers

Mobile phones have pretty good built in speakers these days.  No matter how good they are, they simply are not great for listening to music when outdoors or there is a group of people.  This is where Bluetooth® speakers come into play.  They are usually rechargeable and 100% portable making them fun to carry around and share music.

Selfie sticks

Selfie Sticks are mono pods that are held in your hand and extended so that you can take photos of yourself or a group of friends from a distance

Solar lanterns

This waterproof solar lantern takes the sun jar (solar bottle) concept to a much higher level.  This stunning model is extremely bright putting out roughly four times the amount of light a sun jar could.

Mouse Pads

Mouse Pads remain one of the most popular branded gift items and for good reason. Mouse Pads are used every single day by a person who sits at their work desk. For every working day your brand or logo will be visible on the recipient’s desk.  Even people who work on laptops tend to use an external mouse for ease of use.


We have one goal in mind and that is to revolutionise the access control wristband by turning it into an advertising platform rather than just a boring wristband. While achieving this we make it even harder for people to copy our wristbands. We strive to protect your profits.


Earphones are also known as Earbuds, Buds, In-ear phones…no matter what you call them, these have become the standard for active listening since the invention of the portable mp3 player. At ear-phones.co.za we specialise mainly in promotional or corporate gift ear phones which are easily branded.


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